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Kite Skating is an extreme sport using powerful, controllable kites to propel riders of in-line skates, off-road skates or mountain boards at speeds up to 60 mph across parking lots, desert dry lakes, grassy fields, and sandy beaches.

Kite Skating originated around 1990 when sport kite enthusiasts began Kite Skating (then called Rollerkiting) at festivals along the eastern coast USA. In large parking lots, skaters used Rollerblades and four-line controllable parafoil kites to provided a fast and exciting ride.

That was just before the kite buggy explosion. When buggies took to the kite field, Kite Skating was left at the side lines. There were few attempts of utilizing off-road treadmill skates to join kite buggies on multi-terrain surfaces, but they proved to be awkward and not well suited for speed.

Separated by terrain, skaters and buggiers would remain divided until 1992 when Kite Skating pioneer Bob Childs built a pair of off-road in-line skates using Rollerblade boots and scooter wheels irreverently named the Wheels Of Doom. Bob has been observed ripping across the deck at kite traction events ever since.

Kite Skates were an unusual sight amongst buggies, but soon became an accepted member of the kite traction family (perhaps an odd cousin). Now Kite Skaters are sailing along with all other forms of wind powered vehicles at events around the globe.

In recent years, Kite Skaters have been joined by ATB skateboard riders. Kite Skateboarding daredevils use mountainboards to zip around on multi-terrain surfaces perhaps at lesser speeds than Kite Skaters, but kite skateboards have a greater ability for jump tricks.

If you would like to learn more about Kite Skating, the links listed below provide information on building materials, professionally manufactured off-road skates and mountainboards, and personal Kite Skating web sites.


Learning to Kite Skate - Quick Reference.

While learning to kite skate, it is crucial to spend enough time learning to fly power kites so that you may comfortably focus your attention on the unexpected situations that occur while kite skating. This brief guide assumes the skater is already proficient at flying power kites.

Think First. Always wear safety gear, kite skate in open fields free of obstacles or wind blocks, and use care kite skating at high speeds or on bumpy terrain.

Step 1. Position the kite on the ground at 45 degrees from straight downwind. Point the kite skate wheels directly at the kite and launch. Tip for beginners: When the kite first launches, it climbs through the most powerful part of the wind window. When launching in high winds, it is best for beginners to have a friend launch the kite or sit while launching to avoid being overpowered. Launching while seated gives you leverage against the power of the kite without pulling you off balance. A slight dip of the kite into the power zone can lift you to a standing position. From there you are ready to skate away.

Sitting Launch: For beginners launching alone in high wind only.
Kite Skating sitting launch 1. Kite Skating sitting launch 2. Kite Skating sitting launch 3. Kite Skating sitting launch 4. Kite Skating sitting launch 5.

Step 2. As you start moving forward, fly the kite out to the edge of the wind window and concentrate on skating a line slightly upwind from the kite's position (10-20 degrees) thus increasing the power of the kite and your forward speed. If you start slowing and becoming overpowered, turn the skates slightly downwind toward the kite. If you become under powered and the kite begins to sink, turn the skates slightly upwind away from the kite. Focus on how much is enough and how much is too much.

Step 3. To turn around, fly the kite to the top of the wind window and turn the skates slightly upwind to slow down. Carve or "step turn" the skates in a downwind direction. As you complete the turn, lower the kite in the new direction and power up to speed.

Step 4. Stopping is the same as on a buggy... fly the kite to the overhead position and turn the skates upwind. The more aggressive the upwind angle, the faster you will stop. "Parachuting" the kite (flying the kite to the opposite side of the flying window) is a good way to control speed as long as you are very careful not to get the kite too far behind you. You don't want the kite to power-up while you are in this position. You will then need to bring the kite overhead and skate upwind to stop.

Step 5. Advanced tricks such as big air jumps and jump turns should only be attempted after a skater is extremely proficient with kite skating basics. Use great care in attempting high powered tricks.

Kite Skating Tricks. Kite Skating Tricks. Kite Skating Tricks. Kite Skating Tricks. Kite Skating Tricks.


For more information regarding Kite Skating, Kite Skateboarding and Kite Skiing, check out these sites...

Sport Information:

*Doomwheels Kite Skating - Official website of Doomwheels kite skater, Bob Childs and the original kite powered, off-road, in-line skates... the Wheels Of Doom! This site is filled with power kite movies, slide shows, photo albums, articles, discussion forum, kite skating, kite surfing, kite buggying, kite skiing.

*The Power Kite Forum - The most up-to-date and informative traction kiting peer to peer resource. Have a question regarding kite skating or kite traction sports? Something to brag about? Kiting stories or a new web site? Buying or selling kiting gear? Use this forum to get connected to the most extreme kiting personalities on the web. - French kite skating enthusiasts introduce a patended new KiteSkate for sale. Site in French and English features photos and technical info. - What do you get when you cross sand, skis, and a BIG kite? Skiting, of course! Lots of pictures, kite videos, and tips!

KiteScooting - Off-road kiteboarding - Free kite videos, photos and information about kiting with a 2-wheel board built especially for kiting on turf and sand.

Kiteskating Windskating Skatesailing - Lots of tricks, over 100 free movies, streetsurf chatline, full-control slideshow, lifestyle photo gallery, message board, location index, virtual postcards.

Skate-A-Round - Dutch kite skating site with pics.

Fat-tire kite skates- Fat-tire roller-skates for kite powered beach riding. WARNING! You WILL get injured on these. Don't blame me! - Kite snowboarding web site with pics, movies, tips & tricks, lesson and gear contacts.

Kite ATB - Mountainboarding, Landboarding, Kiteboarding, KiteATB, whatever you call it, this website is devoted to standing on an oversized skateboard with big wheels and being pulled along by a huge kite.

Tsunami - Belgian kiteboarding team, with only landboarders. We do several festivals in europe, check our pics and movies. - Information on using Kitewings with Dirtsurfers and ATBs. Site contains set up information, photos, videos and an up-to-date diary.


Kites and Accessories:

Into The Wind - The world's largest mail order kite store now carries a full line of power foils and tube kites for land traction.

Wind Power Sports - Land traction experts located in the midst of California and Nevada's most popular dry lakes. Store owner Corey Jensen will set you up with the perfect kite and tell some entertaining tales in the process.

Power Kiteplace - offers the complete line of quality HQ Power Kites and accessories, Peter Lynn Kite Buggys and parts, and Nasa Wings from HQ and Sieger Kites.

Flexifoil International - World class manufacturer of sport kites, power kites and buggies. Site includes event calendar, instruction and photo gallery.

Kitty Hawk Kites - Dealer of power kites, kiteboarding gear, landboards and landboarding gear.

Forever Flying High Performance - High Performance Windsports: kites, windsurfing, kite buggies, mountain boards, kite surfing, boomerangs, etc.

Skimbat Wingsurfing - Wingsurfing has become a natural sport to reach the young generation and enthusiasts of extreme sports. Wingsurfing with a Skimbat is an incredible feeling, it's something between flying, windsurfing and kitesurfing. - Skatewing is the new way to "move with the wind", all you need is a pair of in-line skates and the Skatewing. Speeding along using the power of the wind is the ultimate thrill.

NPW5 Traction Kites - Sparless, chamberless, single deck power kites resembling the NASA controllable parachute design. Purchase directly from the BuyNPW store.


Off-road Skates and Building Supplies:

Rollerblade - Makers of the Coyote off-road in-line skate.

Crosskate - Professionally manufactured all-terrain skates.

Roces - Two models of off-road in-line skates.

Rockville ATS - This well Rounded series of off-road, in-line skates and all-terrain skateboards tame the outdoors.

Gateskate - TrailSkate all-terrain skates are designed to go over any type of surface including asphalt, dirt, gravel, grass and mountain trails. Hand-controlled hydraulic brakes located in the rear wheel of each skate allow skaters to easily control speed and stop quickly while maintaining a comfortable, balanced, upright body position.

Terrablades Off-Road Skate and Rollercycle - Off Road skates: 8 wheels, 4 brakes, ski boots.

Skorpion Quadline Multi Terrain Skates - Skorpion Skates combine contemporary automotive design with unsurpassed stability and functionality. Skorpion Skates are so stable and easy to balance on they can be used by just about anybody, anywhere.

McMaster-Carr Supply Co. - Everything you will need to make your own off-road in-line kite skates. Skate rails- part #8910K178, wheels and tires- pages #1198-1199. Direct sales online, no minimums.

Skyway Tuff Wheels - Take a look through this site for a long list of great all purpose wheels and accessories. Skyway's customer service department will assist in selecting the right wheel, but final purchase will need to involve your local bike dealer.

Plastic Wheels - All type of wheels for homemade kite skates etc.

Skate Away Scooter Wheels - 12-1/2" x 2-1/4" Pneumatic with inner tube and two bearings on lightweight polycarbonate rim. 1/2" axle, 2" hub width.



ATB Landboards and Accessories:

Mongoose Mountain Boards - Manufacturer and distributor of all-terrain, snowboard and mountainboard. Site includes pictures, bulletin board, events, races, contest and more.

Hyline All-Terrain Boards - In the days before all terrain boards, when the snow melted the ride ended. Today, all terrain boards make all season carving on any hill a reality. A core group of individuals currently works day and night to make this sport accessible to people all over. Hyline All Terrain Boards is dedicated to manufacturing quality all terrain boards at an affordable price.

Loko Freeboards - Using pneumatic barrel shaped wheels, this versatile mountainboard can traverse virtually any terrain from grass hills, concrete and tarmac slopes, forest trails and dirt tracks to windy playing fields and even indoor 3D balance boarding.

Dirtsurfer - Two-wheeled, in-line, all-terrain, skateboard / dirtboard / grassboard / mountainboard - all in one. A cross between snowboarding and surfing. - Official Grassboard web site - Rollsurfing Funsprot GmbH - Shop in The Netherlands selling kite Boards.

Xtreme Wheelz - Boards, wheels, trucks, bearings and risers for all-terrain skateboards.



Bob Childs kite skating in the California desert.
Bob Childs, pioneer
off-road kite skater.
Kite Boarding on Ivanpah Dry Lake, Ca./Nv.
Kite skateboarding on
Ivanpah Dry Lake, CA.
The Wheels Of Doom, self made kite skates.
The Wheels Of Doom,
high speed kite skates.
 Kite Boarding on 3 wheels.
Kite skateboarding
on 3 wheels.
Bob Childs kite skating in the California desert.
Bob Childs kite skating
on Ivanpah Dry Lake.
Action Jackson cruising at the SBBB 2003.
Action Jackson cruising
at the SBBB 2003.
The First woman off-road kite skater.
The First woman
off-road kite skater.
A lone mountainboarder drifts across the desert.
A lone mountainboarder
drifts across the desert.
Kite Skating freestyle tricks.
Kite Skating
freestyle tricks.
Kite Skating freestyle tricks.
Kite Skating
freestyle tricks.
Mrs. Doom Wheels.
Mrs. Doom Wheels
Troy Navarro's self-made kite board on the Bonneville Speedway.
Troy Navarro's self-made
kite board on the Bonneville
Speedway 1994.
Vintage kiteskating on the Bonneville Speedway 1994.
Vintage kiteskating on the
Bonneville Speedway 1994.
Go to for pics, movies and more info on kiteskating. The Power Kite Forum connects the most extreme kiting personalities on the web!

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